St. Petersburg, Florida

Happy Friday! I just love this photo from my trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago. It is still pretty chilly most days here in NY so I am seriously missing the warmth and laying on the beach all day.

ONE - 4 Ways to be More Consistent With Your Routine
This summer I am really trying to incorporate a better and most importantly consistent routine into my life with working out and sleeping specifically and I really liked these tips. I especially need to start following her first tip of going to bed at a consistent time every night, I have heard this from so many other sources that doing this can really help your sleep, which I am all about.

TWO - How to Organize Your Bathroom Like a Pro
I absolutely love good organization, so I had to share this great bathroom organization post. I cannot wait until July/August I am moving into my first apartment and I will definitely be incorporating some of these tips into my bathroom organization.

THREE - Sarah's Experience With Preventative Botox
This post is actually from a few months ago, however, I recently found it while reading Sarah's blog. Over the last few months I have been really looking into ways to make my skin the best it can be and I found this post really interesting!

FOUR - Where to Donate Used Clothing
Coming home from college this summer I have been doing some serious closet clean outs and the clothes that I don't sell, I always donate. I loved seeing these suggestions of where to actually donate your clothes, this is so important, so much clothing ends up thrown away even when it still has so much life left!

FIVE - Carly's Tips for Personal Finances
Finances are becoming more and more important as I get older, so I really appreciated these tips. One thing I have really been working on for about the last 2 years has been my credit score and I really liked that she talked about how important it is to start working on it asap!



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