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Happy Memorial Day! Today I’m sharing a go to outfit of mine for spring, especially for NY where it can still be pretty chilly. I love wearing a basic tank, like this onefrom Forever 21 that I got for under $4, and pairing it with jeans, heels, and  some jewelry to dress it up.

These are my all time favorite black jeans from Madewell, I love the button details on these jeans. Another great option would be jeans with a cute belt. My other favorite Madewell black jeans are these ones, and this is my favorite black Free People belt.

Both of the necklaces I am wearing are from Madewell. I really love their simple delicate pieces. The exact star necklace I am wearing is no longer available, which is so sad because it's my favorite. But, you can still buy the star charm. Here is a similar style star necklaceand they also came out with this super cute moon necklace. The other necklace came in a two pack but the exact two pack is no longer available, but the necklace paired here with a d…


St. Petersburg, Florida
Happy Friday! I just love this photo from my trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago. It is still pretty chilly most days here in NY so I am seriously missing the warmth and laying on the beach all day.

ONE - 4 Ways to be More Consistent With Your Routine
This summer I am really trying to incorporate a better and most importantly consistent routine into my life with working out and sleeping specifically and I really liked these tips. I especially need to start following her first tip of going to bed at a consistent time every night, I have heard this from so many other sources that doing this can really help your sleep, which I am all about.

TWO - How to Organize Your Bathroom Like a Pro
I absolutely love good organization, so I had to share this great bathroom organization post. I cannot wait until July/August I am moving into my first apartment and I will definitely be incorporating some of these tips into my bathroom organization.

THREE - Sarah's Experience …


I am officially done with my sophomore year of college...which is insane, college is going by so quickly! I seriously cannot believe I am about to be a junior, it feels like just yesterday I was moving into my college dorm, and last week I signed my lease for my first apartment!!

Today I am sharing a board inspired by a recent favorite of mine, you would definitely know this if you follow me on Instagram, the color red. I love this color, especially for summer! It's such a great statement color. I linked a bunch of my favorite red pieces, including this amazing red maxi dress that I actually got on Amazon for $24!! Along with that I also linked a few other items I have been loving to wear as a red statement piece. I also included the red version of my favorite crossbody, I don't actually have the red version, just the black but I would absolutely love the red!

Bathing Suit Top | Bathing Suit Bottom | iPhone case | OPI Dutch Tulips | Red Dress | Red Heels