I cannot believe that today is the last day of April!! So, I realized I better share my April favorites before its too late! I also officially have two more days left of the semester, I cannot believe it! The spring semester just seems to go by so quickly because of spring break and we also get two days off of classes for Easter. I am getting to be really excited for the semester to be done, as school is getting more and more stressful! I have so much content planned to post here on the blog, which is really exciting too! I have also been working a lot on my Instagram lately, so be sure to check it out, if you haven't already.

This month I have used a few really good products, so I had to share them along with these two other more fashion related favorites!
White Birkenstocks
I absolutely love these! They are a little bit more extra, or flashy than the traditional birks, but they are just as comfortable! I absolutely love the white with the gold hardware on these ones.
Michael Kors Mercer Crossbody
I got the bag over the last couple months and I have been using it so much lately. It's the perfect size to run errands in! It fits my big wallet, while still having room for other essentials, which is so ideal. I also have this bag in the large size, but in the chestnut color, it's just such a classic style.
Vita Liberata Tanning Tinted Lotion
I tried this self tanner recently and I really like it. It doesn't have a super strong scent which I love! It also has a color to it, so you can see where you are putting it on. It also blends pretty easily too. I got it in the color dark.
Neuma Platinum Shampoo
This is a natural purple shampoo, for blondes, and it is seriously the best I have used. I have tried others, but some have left my hair with a terrible purple tint. This never does that and it leave my hair feeling so clean, without the buildup that other non-natural shampoo can leave behind.
Isle de Paradise Tanning Drops
I have been loving these tanning drops to use on my face. I just mix a few drops with my moisturizer once or twice a week as needed and they work really well. They don't have the best smell though. However, the don't break out your skin, which is the biggest priority for me.
OPI Big Apple Red
I have been wearing this color on my hands and toes for the entire month. It is absolutely my favorite. I linked the regular polish that I get on my toes, however, for my nails I have been getting dip powder in the same color. The powder is so much better for me then gel, because it stays on so much better and doesn't damage my nails as much. With this my nails are longer than they have ever been before.



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