One of my intentions for 2019, is to read more basically in an effort to help me unwind and actually to be able to fall asleep which is something that I have actually seriously been struggling during the past six months. So with this as a new goal of mine I decided to start this new series, where I share a reading list where I review what I read over the month and share it here on the blog! So, be on the lookout for hopefully monthly reading lists from me in 2019!

This month I only read two books, but I am blaming that on the shorter month! Both of these were great reads that I would highly recommend. I like reading books that are suspenseful with an intertwined love story, basically like The Couple Next Door, which I reviewed last year.

I read this in three days. It was really good and I could not put it down! I wouldn’t say I read a ton, so when I read something in a few days, it has to be good. This love story with a twist really keeps your attention and is very interesting. I really liked the main character and I am such a sucker for a love story with some drama and a little action and this is totally that kind of a book.

I want to start off by saying that I did enjoy this book, however, this book does not exactly start off strong, basically the entire first half is pretty dry. The second half of the story however is very good and really kept on the edge of me seat and wanting to stay up and finish reading. Basically the first half of the book sets up the second half. Part 1 and Part 2 take place about 15ish years apart and at the end of the book everything that happened 15 years earlier comes full circle. If you can make it through the slightly less appealing first half of the novel, the second half is great, with huge plot twists that really keep you intrigued and surprised! Although this book is not one of my all time favorites, it is an easy read that keeps you intrigued after you get into it. Overall, I did find this to be a pretty good read and would recommend it, if you don't mind having to read a little ways to be able to really get into it. The action in the second half of the book seriously makes up for the fact that the first half is relatively slow.


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