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I used to love a "what's in my bag" post, so today I am bringing them back! I recently picked up this new Michael Kors crossbody that I am loving. It's the perfect size, it holds a ton of stuff and is still small enough. It's the perfect bag to run errands with, which I am constantly doing lately.
These are the everyday contents of my bag. I like to empty receipts out of my bag whenever I get home so I can hang onto the ones that I might need. In a small bag like this I don't carry much besides the essentials, but in larger bags I keep them organized by using pouches. I linked all of the items below, the key chain that I keep on my car keys is actually the wristlet that came on my wallet, I love that they match!


Happy March! I can't believe how quickly 2019 is already flying by! In today's post I'm sharing just a few favorites from the past month. This list is rather short, as it was a short month and I am trying to shop less over the next few months to save money, which is no easy task for me!!

iPad Pro
In January I got the new iPad Pro and it is seriously the best! I have been using it so much for things such as taking notes, working on blog things like collages and I love making lists on the iPad. The Apple Pencil is so cool to use.
Laneige Lip Mask
This lap mask is seriously the best. I shared about using this and other products in my Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin post, where I shared all of my favorite skin care products to use on dry skin in the winter.
Lululemon Ready to Rulu Pants
I have seriously been wearing these pants NONSTOP they are SO comfy and cozy to wear I seriously love these!
Mini Uggs
I have also worn these practically every single day this winter. They are cute,…


One of my intentions for 2019, is to read more basically in an effort to help me unwind and actually to be able to fall asleep which is something that I have actually seriously been struggling during the past six months. So with this as a new goal of mine I decided to start this new series, where I share a reading list where I review what I read over the month and share it here on the blog! So, be on the lookout for hopefully monthly reading lists from me in 2019!

This month I only read two books, but I am blaming that on the shorter month! Both of these were great reads that I would highly recommend. I like reading books that are suspenseful with an intertwined love story, basically like The Couple Next Door, which I reviewed last year.

The Other Woman 5/5 I read this in three days. It was really good and I could not put it down! I wouldn’t say I read a ton, so when I read something in a few days, it has to be good. This love story with a twist really keeps your attention and is very in…