Happy Monday! For once in the past week of extreme cold in New York, it's actually SO nice out! From all the cold my skin has been getting very dry, so I have been combating it with my favorite skin care products that work really well for dry skin and my skin has been staying really well for how cold and dry it is right now in New York. I have been using all of these products for months on my very acne prone skin and they are amazing!

I really like this gentle cleanser, especially for dry skin, because it cleans your skin really well without drying it out. And an added bonus it smells amazing!

This really helps to even out the texture of my skin and I love how much smoother my skin feels when I use it. If I don't use it for a few days before putting on my moisturizer I can seriously feel the difference.

This is the best number one product of this post. This is a super intense moisturizer, that is really thick and I would only recommend if you have dry skin. It has been a miracle for my dry skin and leaves my skin so well hydrated. I cannot recommend this enough for dry skin.

I really love a thick under eye cream and this one is so thick and rich for your under eyes. I seriously notice a big difference in how even my under eye concealer looks way better from using an under eye cream.

I got this for Christmas and it's seriously life changing I have insanely chapped lips and I put this on every night and in the morning and it has been saving my lips. If I forget to put this on and go to bed with nothing on my lips I always wake up with like a split lip, but when I use this I wake up and my are so hydrated it's crazy.



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