This past weekend I had an amazing 3 day trip to Illinois to visit family and I packed for the entire weekend in just a carry-on and had plenty of room and was able to bring home a few things that I picked up while shopping. My suitcase is always very organized, because that's easiest for me to navigate it throughout my trip, so this got me thinking that I should share my best packing tips for a carry-on suitcase! I also brought my Madewell transport tote as my personal item and I will be sharing what I keep in there as well.

Here is my completely packed carry-on suitcase. The suitcase I use the brand Samsonite and is carry-on size.

1 - I put all of my clothes on the left side (behind the zipper top) and in order to make them fit best I fold my sweaters and bottoms and put them in staggering with the top of the sweater being on top of the bottom of the piece behind it. This allows for a lot more room for your folded clothes. I then roll my t-shirts to prevent them from wrinkling and my pajamas. I pack in a color scheme so that pieces will all be able to pretty much mix and match, this prevents me from needing many pairs of shoes or accessories.

2 - I put all of my underwear and socks in the mesh zipper pocket shown on the left. I put real bras and barrettes in with my folded clothes and store my belts next to them.

3 - In the left elastic pouch I put my curling wand and straightener here, this keeps the cords out of the way from everything else. In the right elastic pouch on the way there I keep a Free People shopping bag because it's tiny but will store all of my dirty clothes during my trip and then I just pack that in the zipper area on the way back. I also keep a small pouch (one that I got from buying jewelry at Madewell) in here as well.

4 - On the top right side I put one pair of sunglasses (I would also consider keeping these in my personal item, but did not need them here as it was a gloomy weekend). Next to that I keep my Marc Jacobs crossbody bag, I keep this here that way I can have my tote bag be my personal item. If you need more storage while traveling, remember you can put things inside your purse to use that space. Next to that on the right I pack one pair of shoes. Shoes are what I find will take up the most room when packing. So I try to wear one very versatile and comfortable pair of shoes on my flight that I will pretty much wear the entire weekend and then I pack shoes for at night, which in this case were these heels. I make sure my outfits will all go with either the shoes I wear on my flight, which in this case were my white leather Vans or with these heels.

5 - My cosmetics is wear my organization is really key. Here you can see I pack with these amazing Sonia Kashuk cosmetic bags that I got at Target. I pack with 2 of these rectangle bags to pack my brushes and then in the other my makeup. Then I have this larger cosmetic bag for all other cosmetics such as skin care and my tooth brush. I really like these cosmetic pouches because they are easy to keep looking clean! They also fit perfectly in my carry-on. I put all of my liquids, aerosols, and gels in a baggie and I actually just store that in my tote bag so that way I can easily get them out for security, this saves so much time and is extremely convenient.

6 - In the above photo you can see I also carry my Madewell transport tote as my personal item. In this I keep my laptop which I store in this Madewell padded laptop case, this Madewell pouch which can also be used as a clutch on my trip, and another rectangular Sonia Kashuk bag with my chargers, this also fits next to my cosmetic bags perfectly so if I won't be needing my chargers I will sometimes pack it, it also goes there when I arrive where I'm staying on my trip. I will also put my liquids in here in a baggie as I said above and my wallet. In the zipper side pocket of the bag I store my Madewell passport holder and I actually also put my ID and credit card here for easy access while I'm navigating the airport and I will keep my phone here also for easy access and then it won't get lost in my bag.


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