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Jacket | Urban top | Lululemon leggings | Vans | Madewell Tote | Suitcase

This past weekend I had an amazing 3 day trip to Illinois to visit family and I packed for the entire weekend in just a carry-on and had plenty of room and was able to bring home a few things that I picked up while shopping. My suitcase is always very organized, because that's easiest for me to navigate it throughout my trip, so this got me thinking that I should share my best packing tips for a carry-on suitcase! I also brought my Madewell transport tote as my personal item and I will be sharing what I keep in there as well.
Here is my completely packed carry-on suitcase. The suitcase I use the brand Samsonite and is carry-on size.

1 - I put all of my clothes on the left side (behind the zipper top) and in order to make them fit best I fold my sweaters and bottoms and put them in staggering with the top of the sweater being on top of the bottom of the piece behind it. This allows for a lot more room for you…


Happy Friday! Today I am sharing SO MANY good finds! I have been reading and finding the best freaking stuff this week and had to share! So here is a quick round up of my top 5 for the week! Also, I love this photo above or these gorgeous succulents at my house!
1 - Lauren Elizabeth's Fall Reading List
Lauren has GREAT taste in books and one of her favorites is also my top favorite book that I read this summer The Couple Next Door, you can read my review here. This week Lauren posted here fall reading list and I cannot wait to order a few of these books this week to start reading this fall! You can read Lauren's fall reading list here.

2 - Affordable Self Care by Grace Atwood
Grace Atwood shares all about taking care of yourself and how you can make it affordable. So many times when I think about self care, I think about spending tons of money getting manicures and pedicures or going to get a facial or massage, but Grace is sharing a completely different perspective on how it c…