This outfit includes some of my favorite things. First this headband has been one of the best things I have picked up this summer! I have been wearing it constantly, which has lead me to be on the hunt for other similar headbands. I also found these amazing tanks that are only $4!! I currently have them in 8 different colors. It seriously is the best for the price! I bought this exact jean skirt last fall from Forever 21, so unfortunately I am unable to link it, but this is a similar jean skirt that I love.

One of the best ways that I get inspiration for my blog, is by constantly reading other blogs. Seeing other people be creative always makes me desire to be creative. Today I am sharing my top favorite blogs that I read at least on a weekly basis, if not on a daily basis. I highly recommend all of these blogs and if you like my content then you will definitely enjoy reading their blogs!

Carly the Prepster
Little Blonde Book
Lemon Stripes
The Stripe
The Small Things Blog
A Spoonful of Style
Covering the Bases
Sarah Belle Elizabeth
Lauren Kay Sims


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