Happy Monday! Pretty much every month I share my wish list of pieces that I seriously want in my wardrobe every month. So, today I am sharing my September wish list. There are so many good pieces that I have been wanting so much on this wish list! I have been doing way too much shopping this past month, so it's surprising that I really even have so many things on this list lol! Hopefully I will be able to grab a few of these things in the next month, however, I am *trying* to go on a spending hideous until my trip to Chicago in October, however I may make an exception for a few of these items!

After I was done creating this collage I quickly realized that I really didn't branch out in color, at all! I love a neutral color palette, everything goes together so easily and all of your clothes are able to mix and match. So, here is my neutral September wish list!

I absolutely love this Free People top, and it's even better in person! I saw it in Macy's the other day while shopping with my friend but unfortunately, they didn't have my size! It's so cute and everything I want in a fall top, flowy and a basic color!

This is my absolute favorite sweater and I tried it on in Free People back in August but I ended up not getting it, and now I am totally going to have to order it! This is definitely one thing I think I'm going to make an exception for!



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