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Happy Monday! Pretty much every month I share my wish list of pieces that I seriously want in my wardrobe every month. So, today I am sharing my September wish list. There are so many good pieces that I have been wanting so much on this wish list! I have been doing way too much shopping this past month, so it's surprising that I really even have so many things on this list lol! Hopefully I will be able to grab a few of these things in the next month, however, I am *trying* to go on a spending hideous until my trip to Chicago in October, however I may make an exception for a few of these items!

After I was done creating this collage I quickly realized that I really didn't branch out in color, at all! I love a neutral color palette, everything goes together so easily and all of your clothes are able to mix and match. So, here is my neutral September wish list!

1 - Abercrombie and Fitch Lace Trim Cami $34 2 - Free People Golden Gate Tee $58 3- Top Shop Mock Neck Sweater $68 4 - Free …


ONE | Bentley
Almost two weeks ago now, my family got a new addition! This adorable yellow lab came into our family, and has since been named Bentley! He's so adorable and melting all our hearts.

TWO | Master the Mess
I absolutely LOVE organization, one of my favorite projects this summer I shared in this blog post, was where I reorganized the pantry at my house. I have been following The Home Edit on Instagram for a while and they recently came out with the show Master the Mess and it is SO good!!

THREE | Free People 50% off Sale
Free People is having an amazing 50% off sale on select fall items, I shared a couple of my picks and links to several other sales in yesterday's blog post, which you can read here.

FOUR | Off the Vine
Kaitlyn Bristowe had The Home Edit on her podcast last week and it was so good! I love her and Joanna and Clea, so this made for one amazing podcast!

FIVE | OPI Just Lanai-ing Around
This week when I got my nails done I found the best brown/mauve/pink colo…


Welcome back! It's been a minute, whenever I start a new semester I always go in with the intention of keeping up with regular posting here on the blog, however this semester there was no such luck! Now that I am in my third week of classes, yes my college starts extremely late, pretty much after every single other college, I am trying my hardest to get back into some more regular posting! When I'm not posting on here, and when I am, you can see more updates and blog post notifications by following my along on Instagram @elegantly_elle I post on to my feed and especially to my Insta Stories on there!

The is officially my first fall post! I am so excited for everything fall and now that my birthday has come and gone, it is officially fall to me! I spent this past Sunday by the pool one last time and am now officially in full on fall mode! Today I am sharing all of my sale recommendations for today. There are a TON of sales on really good stuff right now including my all time fav…


Well, it’s official, I’m no longer a teenager, on Sunday I turned 20! So, in honor of having two decades of my life under my belt, today I am sharing twenty things I have learned in the past twenty years! Holy crap, I cannot believe how old I am, now that I am writing this post, haha!
ONE – Stay positive Over the last year specifically I have really learned that positivity is one of the most important characteristics that I want to have. When someone thinks of me, I want them to think of a positive person. Just trying to be more positive really helps me to just have a better day and to be an overall happier person in general. While the rest of this post is not in order based on importance, this is my number one thing I have learned before I turned 20!
TWO – Be grateful I have realized it’s important to take the time to remember to be extremely grateful for everything I have, you never know how long you will have something. It’s important to be grateful especially for the little things in …



This outfit includes some of my favorite things. First this headband has been one of the best things I have picked up this summer! I have been wearing it constantly, which has lead me to be on the hunt for other similar headbands. I also found these amazing tanks that are only $4!! I currently have them in 8 different colors. It seriously is the best for the price! I bought this exact jean skirt last fall from Forever 21, so unfortunately I am unable to link it, but this is a similar jean skirt that I love.

One of the best ways that I get inspiration for my blog, is by constantly reading other blogs. Seeing other people be creative always makes me desire to be creative. Today I am sharing my top favorite blogs that I read at least on a weekly basis, if not on a daily basis. I highly recommend all of these blogs and if you like my content then you will definitely enjoy reading their blogs!

Carly the Prepster
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