I cannot believe how quickly the summer is going by! I'm excited to go back to college and just wrote out my shopping list and thought I would share it! I have always loved back to school shopping for clothes and school supplies and love buying items for my dorm now for college too! I buy most items for my dorm from either Target or Amazon. The only back to school shopping that I don’t like now that I am in college is shopping for textbooks! They are so expensive, luckily this semester I was able to rent all of my textbooks from Amazon and Chegg! This made my textbook shopping much cheaper and super easy!

I just picked this HydroFlask up for school this year and am already obsessed! It keeps my water extremely cold and most importantly it doesn't sweat or have condensation on the outside of it.

Throw Pillows
I have been on the hunt for a couple new throw pillows for my bed this year and have so far found two from Target's Opalhouse collection. I love this lumbar floral pillow and this tassel pillow.

Last year I purchased dark grey towels from Target for my dorm however, they got kind of bleached from my facemarks and face wash. This year I am going to pick up white towels, so that they don't bleach. I'm going to go with towels from the Target Opalhouse collection in the color true white. I get 2 bath sheets, 2 bath towels, and 8 washcloths.

Jewelry Storage
Last year one of the things that I never got for my dorm was a place to store my earrings and other jewelry. I found this Opalhouse canister from Target.




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