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This month and actually most of the summer my go to outfits have consisted of a tank, a bralette, and either a skirt or linen pants. And this outfit is no different. My tank is the best and only $4!

Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist
I have been obsessed with this perfume this summer. It literally smells like summer to me! I love the light but feminine smell that this perfume gives off and I wear it almost daily!

Desperate Housewives
If you have never seen Desperate Housewives, you are missing out on such a good show! It originally aired in 2004, but it's so entertaining! It's on Hulu and you have to watch it! There are 8 seasons of this drama and I have loved every minute of it.

Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade
My current Starbucks order has been a trenta peach green tea lemonade with light ice. This is so refreshing, while not being too sweet. I do not get mine sweetened, because the drink is already pretty sweet just from having the lemonade in it.

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I love ordering off of Amazon and I recently posted my Amazon Prime Top Picks, sharing what I frequently like to order from Amazon! I love using Amazon Prime because it’s so easy and fast! Everything I need is all in one place and there are amazing prices!

This summer I have finally had some free time to read and have been ordering most of my books from Amazon and now have a little stack waiting to be read before I go back to college! Books on Amazon are the best price and super convenient because they are all in one place and arrive in two days! The Woman in Cabin 10, The Last Mrs. Parish, and The Wife Between Us are all on my list to order andy read! I have also been really wanting to order these two cook bus by Chrissy Teigen and Joanna Gaines because their reviews are amazing!


I cannot believe how quickly the summer is going by! I'm excited to go back to college and just wrote out my shopping list and thought I would share it! I have always loved back to school shopping for clothes and school supplies and love buying items for my dorm now for college too! I buy most items for my dorm from either Target or Amazon. The only back to school shopping that I don’t like now that I am in college is shopping for textbooks! They are so expensive, luckily this semester I was able to rent all of my textbooks from Amazon and Chegg! This made my textbook shopping much cheaper and super easy!

I just picked this HydroFlask up for school this year and am already obsessed! It keeps my water extremely cold and most importantly it doesn't sweat or have condensation on the outside of it.

Throw Pillows
I have been on the hunt for a couple new throw pillows for my bed this year and have so far found two from Target's Opalhouse collection. I love this lumbar …


This photo was taken a few weeks into my first semester of college outside of my dorm!
Before leaving for your Freshman year of college, there are a few things that I think are important to do. It is important to feel like you are prepared before going to college and while some of these may be obvious I thought it would be a good idea to share what I would do if I was a Freshman again just starting college.

Everyone I know uses Venmo to pay each other back for whatever! It's so handy because you don't have to have cash or change when you owe someone money and deposits directly into your checking account. It makes things like splitting an Uber with your friends much easier. Creating a Venmo account takes certain information that would be easier to set up while you're still home so that's why I recommend setting up before college.

If you are moving far away to college, you probably will not know who to go to for your hair and eyebrows when you first…