Well, I am officially starting my back to school series for this summer today, well this is more like back to college, but anyways... I thought that I should get this post up relatively early in July because of the fact that it took me all summer to get everything I need for my first year of college last summer. So, today I am sharing my Ultimate College Freshman Packing List! I am not kidding when I say I have been working on this list since at least February in order to be sure that I have thought of everything possible that you would need.

Above is my Freshman dorm room during my second semester. I also created a blog post with my complete Freshman Dorm Room Tour with photos, organization, and links to pretty much everything in my room!

This list is designed for the most common college Freshman set up, where you have corridor style bathrooms, not for suite style, which is what I had for my Freshman year. However, if you are in a suite style room, you would need other bathroom items.

If you would like to print or screenshot this list, simply click on the list bellow and it will open into another tab where you can either print it or screenshot just the list.



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