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I cannot believe there are only five days left in this month! So, I realized I had to get up my June wish list! There are so many cute tops, jumpsuits, and more that I really need. Especially these Steve Madden heels that are also on sale!

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I absolutely love blogging and never plan on stopping. Although I do not have many readers, it is just so therapeutic to write about different topics here and I thoroughly enjoy this creative outlet. However, without a significant viewership, and with working full time currently and then being in college full time, it leaves me little time and little motivation sometimes to get up content. With that said I do not plan to stop blogging, but there are times when I feel less inspired then others.
Therefor in today’s blog post I am sharing how I become re-inspired as a blogger and I’m sure this can easily transfer to any other creative outlet in your life as well!
For me I really enjoy visiting other blogs, while I do this almost everyday when I am on top of blogging, when I kind of stop or get behind on the blog, this is one of the things I tend to stop doing. I absolutely love being inspired by other blogger and reading their posts really inspires and encourages me to keep blogging! Last …


I recently visited New York City! I stayed right outside of the city and my hotel was right on the Hudson River with the most gorgeous overview of the city! So, I had to share this outfit with this gorgeous view! I am wearing one of my favorite tops for summer, this linen camisole from J. Crew, however, it is from last year unfortunately so I linked a similar one from J. Crew. I'm also using my most recent bag purchase this Michael Kors bag, which is so perfect for every season and holds so much it's perfect for traveling because you can bring as much or as little as you need.
Especially because I walked around the city the entire day, I needed comfortable shoes, so of course my first choice was my Birkenstock's. If you haven't tried Birkenstock's yet, oh my god seriously? You have to try them out! They're amazing because they're so comfortable and perfect to walk around in! They can easily be dressed up or dressed down like for this outfit. If you're …


Happy June! Finally back on the blogging grind again after traveling (post to come later this week!!), having extremely bad allergies, and starting nannying for the summer... On Sunday I started AND completed one of the projects on my list, and that was completely organizing the pantry! In my home we basically have two different pantries, one is for gluten-free foods, this is where everything is pre-checked that it is gluten-free because my sister and me are both gluten-free, the other pantry has all other foods for the rest of my family. The gluten-free pantry had gotten SO messy! I really wish I thought to take a photo of it (duh!) but, I completely forgot and just got to work after grocery shopping Sunday morning. So, I wanted to share my process of organizing this pantry. Oh, and I forgot to mention I managed to only spend $10!!

After grocery shopping Sunday morning, I came home and started to put things away. When I opened the gluten-free pantry I was reminded of how incredibly …