Over Summer is really the only chance I get to read, because during the school year while I am at college I do not have anytime to read for pleasure, because I always have readings to do for my classes. So this summer hopefully I will read in my spare time. I absolutely love relaxing by the pool, reading a good book in the summer, so here are the books that I have been putting on my list throughout the year. When I do not have time to read during the school, I add all of the books I find and recommendations I get to an Amazon wish list, that way I am able to go back and easily order them when I have time to read them. I especially like saving them on Amazon, because I can easily go back and buy the Kindle book and read it on the Kindle app on my iPad. As I read these books I will probably write about them on the blog, so be sure to watch out for those upcoming posts. There are so many different books on this list, 20 to be exact, that I'm sure I will not get through all of them, but I would really like to! Here are the books I hope to read this summer!






What's on you reading list? Have you read any of these books already? If so, which do you recommend I read first? Let me know if one of these is something you would like a review on, and I will read it and then post a review!



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