Getting ready for your graduation party? Last year I had so much fun getting ready for my graduation party! The school colors of the college I attend have dark red so we went with white, gold, black, and dark red decorations. Today I am sharing my graduation party check list!

Save the Date
Hopefully you have already picked a date and notified everyone of the date of your Graduation Party, this way people will not have conflicting plans with your graduation party. If you haven't sent them out yet, do so immediately!

I used Shutterfly in order to create my Graduation Party invitations and they turned out super well! These adorable Graduation invitations are what I used they have super cute scallops with gold lettering. Make sure to be sending out invitations ASAP!

When planning your decorations it's important to choose a color palette, I chose dark red, gold, black, and white. We had as many flowers as possible around for decorations, these were great because they still looked great around our house after the party! We chose lots of dark red and white flowers which looked beautiful. I picked up these super cute CONGRATULATIONS balloons from target and place two red flowers on either side for a cute photo area in front of our pool. Target had super great Graduation decorations so be sure to check them out! I also got white lanterns and hung white Christmas lights around the tent we had outside, which look super cute at night!

We got a large white tent for the main area of the party. I used all dark red table cloths for tables for people to sit at. Then each table had 2 citronella candles and a bouquet of white hydrangeas in mason jars with dark red ribbons tied around them. It would also be a great idea to just get a plant for each table as a little center piece because then you can use them after too. I also put a small table in the corner and used a small chalkboard sign to write gifts on it. Then I got a cute graduation cap shaped card box, also from Target.

Food & Buffet
For food we had a dessert table and did all different types of pie, it was amazing! I love create desserts. I used white table cloths for the buffet to make it stand out. Then got this cool chalkboard runner from target and wrote the name of each dish out along the table on both sides. At the end we had a small table with 3 different types of drinks. We got these huge Mason jar drink dispensers and used a chalkboard to label the 3 different drinks. We had pink lemonade, iced tea, and lemonade with strawberries. We also got the essentials: plastic silverware, dinner and dessert plates, cups, and napkins. Another great thing we got were throw away pie servers to have for all of the different types of pies.

For entertainment at the Graduation party we installed a volleyball net, we have an in ground pool so that provided entertainment, ping pong, and a bon fire. We also have surround sound at our pool which was right by where we had the tent so we were able to play music there. We also got supplies for a S'Mores station for at night which was super yummy. This included Hershey chocolate, Reese's, marshmallows, and graham crackers.



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