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Getting ready for your graduation party? Last year I had so much fun getting ready for my graduation party! The school colors of the college I attend have dark red so we went with white, gold, black, and dark red decorations. Today I am sharing my graduation party check list!

Save the Date
Hopefully you have already picked a date and notified everyone of the date of your Graduation Party, this way people will not have conflicting plans with your graduation party. If you haven't sent them out yet, do so immediately!

I used Shutterfly in order to create my Graduation Party invitations and they turned out super well! These adorable Graduation invitations are what I used they have super cute scallops with gold lettering. Make sure to be sending out invitations ASAP!

When planning your decorations it's important to choose a color palette, I chose dark red, gold, black, and white. We had as many flowers as possible around for decorations, these were great becau…


Right before January 1st this year I got the 2018 Day Designer Daily Planner after seeing it all over! I really love that it has two sides one where you can write out your daily schedule and fill in all of your appointments and then the other side of the page has a check list, this feature is my favorite because I really like having my schedule and to do list in the same planner. This feature of the planner has been REALLY nice! However, I did not realize before purchasing the planner that Saturday and Sunday are on the same page, this to me is super annoying, because I do so much on the weekend, weekdays each get an entire page, but Saturday and Sunday have one combined page. On this one page there is only the daily schedule and no half page to do list. This is probably the part about this planner that I like the least! However, I really like how it is set up during the week. 
I'm in college so I use my planner to write down assignments a lot! I originally thought I would use th…


I have been trying to find a dress to wear to a wedding later this month, and have been seriously struggling! So, I decided to compile all of my finds, that I have been struggling to choose from, in one place, in case you're also in search for a dress to wear as a wedding guest. While I have been looking for a dress, I have come across a few that are super cute, however, some of them have been extremely expensive, especially when I might not get a lot of use out of it. So, I decided to create this list of summer dresses to wear to weddings that are all under $100. Also, I have been super into maxi dresses this spring, because, well at least here in New York, it is not always warm enough for a short dress, which makes maxi dresses perfect! They also come in handy for day to night.

FRIDAY FIVE | 5.11.18

Well, I have officially been home from college for one week today! I am almost completely moved back in...but I came home with way more clothes/shoes than I actually have room for so that has been quite the struggle! I have absolutely loved the free time to get back into blogging this week. Here are five different things I had to share about from this week. Have a great weekend!

ONE | Summer Blogging Goals
This week one of my favorite bloggers Taylor Morgan posted a Q&A on her blog: Little Blonde Book and answered one of my questions - What are some of you best blog tips? For photos? Content ideas? And her answer was super helpful! I love hearing blogging tips from bloggers about their process. It always inspires me! If you haven't read her Q&A you can check it out here.
Now that I am not at college I have so much more free time to work on the blog and it makes me so happy! I have posted four different posts already this week which is exactly what I wanted to do! I have be…


Over Summer is really the only chance I get to read, because during the school year while I am at college I do not have anytime to read for pleasure, because I always have readings to do for my classes. So this summer hopefully I will read in my spare time. I absolutely love relaxing by the pool, reading a good book in the summer, so here are the books that I have been putting on my list throughout the year. When I do not have time to read during the school, I add all of the books I find and recommendations I get to an Amazon wish list, that way I am able to go back and easily order them when I have time to read them. I especially like saving them on Amazon, because I can easily go back and buy the Kindle book and read it on the Kindle app on my iPad. As I read these books I will probably write about them on the blog, so be sure to watch out for those upcoming posts. There are so many different books on this list, 20 to be exact, that I'm sure I will not get through all of them, …