It's finally spring, although last week we did have snow...I still am so excited to be wearing Birkenstocks again, they are one of my favorite shoes of all times! I got my first pair of Birkenstocks in the spring of 2015. I wore them to walk around New York City for 24 hours and they were seriously the most comfortable shoes, while also being cute! Then I took them to Spain later that summer and walked 10 miles in them with absolutely no problems! Now three years later I have purchased four pairs myself and have convinced many friends and family members to get them as well, I feel like I have a pretty good idea on which ones are the best!

My First Pair
The pair that I originally purchased were the Mayri Oiled Leather in Black, after I broke these in a little bit they were amazingly comfortable even without the soft footbed. They also come in this less expensive version the Mayari Birko-Flor in Black which are not leather. I no longer have this pair but they are definitely on my wish list to repurchase! I have seriously never gotten my moneys worth out of any other shoes like I did with these!
The Perfect Everyday Pair
While I no longer have my first pair, those were probably worn the most, my most recent purchase as of the end of last summer, are these Arizona Oiled Leather Soft Footbed Amalfi Black. This pair is my favorite so far for the following reasons: the soft footbed is amazing, for me with the regular footbed they are not very comfortable until you really break them in, with these ones however you are able to start wearing them comfortably immediately after you buy them! I also really like the black leather, they seriously go with everything. They are also a classic style, however unlike other pairs they are not really able to be "dressed up" as much.

Three Thin Straps
I got this pair of Birkenstocks, the Florida Oiled Leather Soft Footbed Habana, almost two years ago and they're great! They are super comfortable because they have the soft footbed and look really cute with jeans and pretty much anything, especially if you are wearing navy, and don't want to wear black shoes, that's actually why I got them. This was my first pair of the soft footbeds and they are seriously a game changed they're amazing, I highly recommend! They also look a little less "Jesus sandal" than the classic Birkenstocks, however they still really hold in your foot like the classic ones do.

Dressed Up
The next pair, I purchased before I really understood how great the leather and softened Birkenstocks really are. I bought this pair the Granada Birko-Flor in black, which have the cork bottom, which I find kind of uncomfortable in comparison to my other Birkenstocks that have the soft footbed, however, if I was to repurchase them I would have bought this pair the Granada Soft Footbed Oiled Leather in Black. The leather is way easier to wipe off to keep them clean and the soft footbed doesn't really take any time to break in. These shoes are so perfect because they are so easily dressed up. They look great with jeans or shorts, but also look super cute with a dress!

On my Wish List
This pair, the Milano Real Leather Soft footbed in Amalfi Testa Di Moro, is a not so classic choice, however, I really hope to purchase them this summer. I have purchased at least one pair almost every year since I originally bought my first pair of Birkenstocks, and I think that these will be the ones I purchase this summer. They're so perfect because I don't have this color or any that have a back strap and best of all they have the soft footbed!

Others on my Wish List


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