I'm officially on Spring Break!! However, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it home, because we had a huge snowstorm in New York on Friday, which was the day I was supposed to leave campus! I had a big test Friday morning and then was planning on leaving right after, however, at 5:30am I got a call that said classes were canceled! If they could have just canceled classes the night before, when it was already clear we were in for a bad snow storm, I would have been able to get home before the storm even got bad! But, that was out of my control and I'm thankful to be home for a week!

I am not going anywhere over this vacation, which means hopefully, I will have lots of time to work on new content! I have so many plans and ideas for posts coming up this month and this year and I am so excited to share them! I also just updated the blog with a fresh new look that I am really excited about! I think that I have finally worked out most of the kinks!

Today I am sharing one of my all time favorite Free People sweaters this winter, which happens to be on major sale 40% off on Nordstrom! This sweater is so perfect, I love the neck and the sleeves, it's so unique, while still being a thick and warm winter sweater! Which is perfect right now because the last time I check the forecast for this week this high is 39 here in New York!

Real photo of me trying to stay warm while taking these photos because it was actually 30 degrees outside and I could not wait to get back in the car!



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