Everything We Keep | A Book To Read

Happy Saturday friends! Work has been SO busy with a large event coming up, which has unfortunately forced me to put my blog on hold for the time being. I will be returning to a much more regular blogging schedule after my big event is over which will be after next week.

I recently finished the book "Everything We Keep". This was a really enjoyable and light read. I stayed up until 2:30am the other night because I could not put it down. I ended up reading over half the book that night and finishing it.

The plot is quite interesting and tells the tale of a newly widowed woman. Her fiancee went on a business trip a couple of months before their wedding day and had apparently died on the trip. James, her fiancee's funeral ended up being on the day that their wedding was suppose to be held and at the same church.

This is all given away in the first few pages of the book. What happens next leads you on the road to the story of how they fell in love and then every other chapter shows you her life now, as a widow. It's a very quick read, great to have when sitting by the pool this summer!


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