Don't Miss These Back To School Posts

Today I am sharing my MUST READ/WATCH back to school posts. As I have been constantly watching and reading college related content I have come across some really helpful posts that I had to share!

For the best backpacks for college checkout Alex Marie's 5 Best Backpacks for College and they're all under $100.

Danielle Carolan's Must Have Items for College, I have been looking at all of the college essentials posts to try to make sure I am not forgetting anything for school, so this video was super helpful!

Brooke Miccio who is now a junior at the University of Georgia has created tons of great college videos, here are some of my favorites:
Brooke Miccio's How to Get Organized for College
Brooke Miccio's College Clothing Essentials
Brooke Miccio's What you do and don't need for college

Michelle Reed's Clothes you do and don't need in college, this is another great video to help you plan out what clothes you should be bringing to school.


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