My High School Reflection

my senior photo

June 9th was my last ever day of high school and this weekend I will me walking across the stage to receive my diploma. So, because of that, today I decided to share what I learned in high school.

Find a balance. It may be difficult but in high school, it is really important to find a balance between getting good grades and then being social or taking other opportunities. Your grades are very important. They determine a lot, obviously, what colleges you get into, the scholarships you are eligible for and also very important are the programs you are able to get into after you are accepted to colleges such as education programs, accounting programs, and medical programs.

My AP classes were not completely worth it, I also took Gemini (college classes), these classes were MUCH easier.

Friendships in high school are always changing. You aren't always going to be friends with everyone and that's okay. During my freshman and sophomore years, I had quite a lot of friends but then by my junior and senior year I was still friendly however I realized that I had become close with a smaller group of friends who were always there for me.

Another important lesson that I learned during my junior and senior year was that not all teachers are nice or like you. Throughout my entire time in school, all of my teachers liked me until I was in 11th grade. I was in a class where we planned activities for our school like homecoming and did community service. I wrote this teacher a thank you note for helping with an event that we coordinated and I apparently miss spelled a word, which I was unaware of, then she sent the note back to my teacher and she proceeded by telling my entire class.

You do not have to play sports, I played basketball for 3 years but never really enjoyed it, I only played because I felt like I had to. Then I realized that I did not need to be doing something that was not bringing me any happiness. Although I decided to no longer play basketball I knew the importance of getting involved in school because this looks great to colleges and scholarships. Also, being involved makes high school much more fun!


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