My Dorm Inspiration

Happy Tuesday! Friday was my last final exam of high school so I am officially on summer break! Today marks the first day of full time blogging for me this summer. I will be working on my blog full time from today through July 9th and I am so excited! So my plan for my summer schedule is 5-6 posts per week, Monday-Saturday. I have SO many post ideas that I cannot wait to share. I am so excited for all the adventures that the next year will bring as I am heading off to my freshman year of college. So for my first summer post, I am sharing what has been taking over my brain for the last month and that is how I want to decorate my dorm. I will be sharing lots of other posts as I get ready to go to college. If you like this post and the dorm decor items I am sharing be sure to check out
my Pinterest to find more dorm room inspiration!

1. Gold Desk Lamp
2. Wicker Basket
3. Faux Fur Throw Pillow
4. Tassel Throw Pillow
5. Sweater Blanket
6. Comforter
7. Fake Plant


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