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Graduation Day

On Friday night I finally graduated high school! I can officially say I am going to be a freshman in college this fall, and I am so insanely excited! This was a day I had been waiting for and it finally came and I still feel like I am kind of in shock that I have really graduated! So, in honor of this monumental moment in my life, I am sharing some photos from that night of me and my adorable family!

dress | heels | bracelet

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I really enjoy traveling, and sometimes I read blogs, watch youtube videos, or see on Instagram/Pinterest great way to pack. So today as I saw another great packing accessory on Instagram I decided to share all of the packing gear that I would love to own! To see all of my travel inspiration pieces and see when I find new ones, follow this Pinterest Board: Travel Gear.
"Carry On" Suitcase: Away Luggage - fell in love after watching this video, you can charge your phone from it!  Jewelry Case Travel Case Set
Kate Spade Makeup Bag
"Personal Item": Carry On Bag: Backpack iPad Sleeve
Kate Spade Passport Holder

The Blogs I Read

(love strawberry lemonade in the summer find my recipe here)
Need some new reading material this summer? Well, today I am sharing the 15 blogs that I love to read and follow. These blogs range from all over, they are mostly preppy and maybe some boho, but overall great! I hope you enjoy and find a great new blog to read this summer, while you sip something delicious like this strawberry lemonade.

Alex MarieAspyn OvardCitrus StyleClassy Girls Wear PearlsCovering the BasesHayley PaigeLauren LovesLemon StripesLittle Blonde BookLouella ReesePrep in your StepSarah BelleSomething NavySophie Shoe LoverThe Small Things BlogThe College Prepster

My High School Reflection

my senior photo
June 9th was my last ever day of high school and this weekend I will me walking across the stage to receive my diploma. So, because of that, today I decided to share what I learned in high school.

Find a balance. It may be difficult but in high school, it is really important to find a balance between getting good grades and then being social or taking other opportunities. Your grades are very important. They determine a lot, obviously, what colleges you get into, the scholarships you are eligible for and also very important are the programs you are able to get into after you are accepted to colleges such as education programs, accounting programs, and medical programs.

My AP classes were not completely worth it, I also took Gemini (college classes), these classes were MUCH easier.

Friendships in high school are always changing. You aren't always going to be friends with everyone and that's okay. During my freshman and sophomore years, I had quite a lot of frie…

Girls Weekend in NYC

Happy Friday! I just created this entire post with ALL of the links and it ALL deleted, so that's how my afternoon is going...anyways today I am sharing some photos from my girls trip to NYC! I was lucky that I only needed the rain jacket for a few sprinkles. dress(similar) | similar crossbody bag | sandals
right after I purchased this red Michael Kors wallet

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My Dorm Inspiration

Happy Tuesday! Friday was my last final exam of high school so I am officially on summer break! Today marks the first day of full time blogging for me this summer. I will be working on my blog full time from today through July 9th and I am so excited! So my plan for my summer schedule is 5-6 posts per week, Monday-Saturday. I have SO many post ideas that I cannot wait to share. I am so excited for all the adventures that the next year will bring as I am heading off to my freshman year of college. So for my first summer post, I am sharing what has been taking over my brain for the last month and that is how I want to decorate my dorm. I will be sharing lots of other posts as I get ready to go to college. If you like this post and the dorm decor items I am sharing be sure to check out
my Pinterest to find more dorm room inspiration!

1. Gold Desk Lamp
2. Wicker Basket
3. Faux Fur Throw Pillow
4. Tassel Throw Pillow
5. Sweater Blanket
6. Comforter
7. Fake Plant