My May 2017 List

May went by SO freaking fast! It's crazy how quickly this past month went by and now in June, I am going to be crazy busy with my High School Graduation and then getting ready for my Graduation Party in July. Also a the end of June and beginning of July I have a lot of family coming to town which will make everything even more fun and busy! All super fun busyness. So today I am sharing all of my May favorite things. I don't think I have actually done one of these posts since February. This is my current list of must haves!

  1. I have been painting my nails and toes this amazing OPI "Red" it is seriously been perfect!
  2. My favorite Starbucks order has been a strawberry acai because it is just so refreshing when it is hot!
  3. My favorite outfit this month has definitely been this flowy pants outfit. Flowy pants, in general, have really just been my favorite thing to wear this month, especially because we have had some cooler weather here in New York.
  4. My favorite snack this month, has not been the healthiest but has for sure been these peanut butter cookies, you can find my recipe here. They are dairy free and gluten free which is amazing for how great they taste!


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