Meal Planning

Today I am sharing my best tips for meal planning! This is seriously the best way for me to stay on track when trying to eat healthy because I do so much better when I am following a plan and not trying to come up with what I am going to eat for dinner every night after a long day. This also can be very useful to ensure that you are not overshopping at the grocery store. You plan out exactly what ingredients you will need and you don't buy what you already have.

First I sit down at my island on Saturday morning and plan out the meals that I want to make for the next week using this sheet that I created. You can use this link to access the document and print out your own copy! I get out my recipe box or look up recipes that I plan to make for the week and check to see what ingredients I have and what I need to buy and then on the side of the sheet I write down everything I need to buy. This system is flexible, you do not have to eat exactly what you planned each night, you have options of meals that you already have all of the ingredients for.

After choosing the meals I want to make this week and writing down the ingredients I need to buy I go ahead and add all of the other things I need to pick up from the grocery store on this list as well. Then I head to the grocery store. After I get home I like to put this paper up as my menu for the week so that I remember my meal options.

Be sure to check out my meal planning template here!


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