The Whole30

Last week I attempted the Whole30 diet and decided to share my results here. First I only stuck to the diet for 1 week. After researching lots of diets over the course of the last few months I looked into the Whole30 and thought, besides the dramatic cut of a few food groups, it could be a good option. This diet was very hard to stick to because it is not flexible for any lifestyle but it's own.

In case you were unaware the Whole30 diet is where you eat clean for 30 days and if you mess up once you are supposed to start back at day 1. This is supposed to completely reset your digestive system. You eat moderate portions of meat, seafood and eggs; lots of vegetables; some fruit; and natural fats.

This diet is very hard to stick to because you have to pretty much bring all of your food with you wherever you go. It is also very healthy because you cut out all of the processed foods you usually eat. If you are looking for a diet that would be more convenient, this would not be it. This diet is also very hard to shop for because you have to look at the ingredients of anything that has added sugar or preservatives.

Overall I felt tired on this diet and lost 2 lbs in the week that I tried it. For more information on this diet you can visit the Whole30 website here.


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