My February List

1. I began reading the book The Girl on the Train and so far it has been a really good book! I will be posting a new book club series later this month and will be starting with this book. You can find it here.

2. I started a new Health and Wellness Series and you can find my first two posts in this series here. I will be posting another food diary later today!

3. I discovered this amazing snack this month, which I shared here. It's kind of like trail mix, but tastes SO much better.

4. With the warmer weather lately in New York my current Starbucks order has been a peach green tea lemonade.

5. My favorite Netflix series has been Private Practice created by Shonda Rhimes, so if you like Grey's this is kind of a spin off from it and you will love it!

6. I totally re-wore this outfit the other day because it has been so warm here!


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