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Food Diary | Part 1

Happy Monday! Today I am sharing a seven day food diary of everything I ate over a seven day period while on the Weight Watchers diet.

DAY 1 (school day)

Wake Up (6:30 am) - 16 oz water
When I first get up in the morning I like to drink about 16 oz of water, which is great to start off your morning and your digestive system. Throughout your day you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water. So I try to do that every day.

Breakfast (7:15 am) - GF oatmeal and the Zen Tazo tea
This really fills me up for my long day ahead!

Morning Snack (9:30 am) - Trail mix
I make my own sort of trail mix and it's delicious!! I seriously do not like regular trail mix you buy but this is SO good. I did a whole post about it, which you can find here.

Lunch (11:30 am) - Greek yogurt, 2 turkey rolls, GF pretzels
I eat the Danon Oikos triple zero greek yogurt. "Turkey rolls" are just a piece of turkey rolled up, because I don't eat bread lol!

Afternoon Snack (3:00 pm) - apple slices with peanut butter

Dinner (6:00 pm) - Turkey Taco Wrap
For dinner, we had a taco bar, so I made myself a turkey taco with a GF wrap, it was delicious!
DAY 2 (school day)

Wake Up (6:30 am) - 16 oz water

Breakfast (7:15 am) - smoothie
My smoothie was frozen strawberries, ½ banana, 1 cup spinach, and enough coconut water to make it liquidy

Morning Snack (9:30 am) - Luna caramel protein bar

Lunch (11:30 am) - turkey GF wrap, greek yogurt, apple slices with peanut butter
Afternoon Snack (3:00 pm) - my "trail mix"
you can find my recipe here

Dinner (6:00 pm) - Turkey Chili
You can find my turkey chili recipe I shared a little while ago here.
DAY 3 (school day)

Wake Up (6:30 am) - 16 oz water

Breakfast (7:15 am) - Bigelow green tea with lemon and spinach egg scramble

Morning Snack (9:30 am) - this "trail mix"

Lunch (11:30 am) - greek yogurt parfait and GF pretzels

Afternoon Snack (3:00 pm) - apples with peanut butter
(this is seriously one of my favorite snacks)

Dinner (6:00 pm) - lemon pepper tilapia with fresh green beans
DAY 4 (school day)

Wake Up (6:30 am) - 16 oz water

Breakfast (7:15 am) - smoothie bowl

Morning Snack (9:30 am) - luna granola bar

Lunch (11:30 am) - turkey rolls, greek yogurt, almonds, and black berries

Afternoon Snack (3:00 pm) - green beans

Dinner (6:00 pm) - brown rice chicken soup
DAY 5 (school day)

Wake Up (6:30 am) - 16 oz water

Breakfast (7:15 am) - greek yogurt parfait

Morning Snack (9:30 am) - nature valley GF protein bar with dark chocolate

Lunch (11:30 am) - turkey chili, green beans
leftovers can be such an easy lunch they're great

Afternoon Snack (3:00 pm) - almond crackers

Dinner (6:30 pm) - brown rice with grilled chicken with asparagus

Wake Up (8:00 am) - 16 oz water

Breakfast (8:15 am) - avocado toast (GF bread)

Morning Snack (10:30 am) - strawberries with nutella

Lunch (12:00 am) - smoothie bowl

Afternoon Snack (4:00 pm) - that's it bar fruit bar

Dinner (6:30 pm) - GF chicken pot pie with green beans


Wake Up (9:00 am) - 16 oz water

Breakfast (10:15 am) - smoothie bowl

Lunch (12:00 am) - GF grilled cheese

Afternoon Snack (4:00 pm) - blackberries with almonds

Dinner (6:30 pm) - baked potato with pulled pork, green beans


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