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Happy Saturday! Today I am writing all about eating healthy through a well-balanced diet. Over the last several months I have been researching all about what kind of diet is best. And in conclusion, I believe that all of these popular "fad diets" are really never going to give you the results that you desire most. A meal plan or diet should really be teaching you how to eat for the rest of your life, not how to eat so that you will lose 15 pounds and then a month after you finish the diet, you gain all the weight back, if not more. So, after my research, I discovered eating healthy is really a balancing act. You should not cut out an entire food group, unless you have an allergy or medical condition. So over the next month, I will be sharing my favorite healthy meals and how I eat healthily and enjoy a balanced diet.

Throughout this series, I will also be discussing how to meal plan. This is extremely important when trying to eat healthy because you are not left with the temptations of easy meals because you already have a plan. I will also be sharing several recipes that are easy and delicious!

I started this journey with the question of what kind of diet I should be doing for the rest of my life? I also wondered what kind of diet I should be using to lose weight. After reading countless articles I have come to the conclusion that basically all of the marketed diets out there have their pros and cons. The most important thing to remember when looking to try a certain diet is "is it safe". After digging into diets I learned that there are risks acquired when you decide to start a diet. Throughout the research I did it became redundant that any diet you do should be one where you could eat this way for the rest of your life and it should be well balanced.


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