Schedule Organization

Today I am going to be sharing how I organize and  keep track of all of my school due dates, events, to do lists, pretty much how I function. So, first of all I pretty much use two calendars. You might be thinking that would be hard to keep both calendars organized, however this system works very well for me. I really like to be able to have everything written down, I find it therapeutic and also I cannot have my phone out during classes at school so being able to pull out my planner is very handy. Also, I don't always have my planner with me at places like the doctor's office, so it's nice to be able to just pull out my phone and have everything there too.

The planner I use is this one by Lily Pulitzer and on my phone I use the standard apple calendar app. To write in my planner I use these paper mate flair pens and color coordinate them with my phone calendar. Here is my color key:

To keep track of all of my classes and their homework, due dates and events I have a different colored highlighter for each class that matches the folder for that class, this way I only have to associate one color with each class. These are the highlighter I use.


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