Navy + Stripes

These last few weeks it has been warm and cold practically everyday. I have either wearing pants with a short sleeve top or I occasionally wear a long sleeve top with shorts to try to balance the temperature. So here is an outfit that I have been loving for this crazy weather to school or just on the weekends!

School has already been pretty crazy! I always heard that your senior year was easy...I would have to completely disagree! This may be because I am taking 2 AP classes and 3 Gemini (college) classes. These last couple of weeks I have had as much homework as I did in the middle of the year when I was a junior, which is known to be the hardest year. Also I am very stressed out about college applications, where I should go, money, etc.

This stress from school along with working has definitely affected my ability to post 4-5 days a week, however I am trying to get into a better groove of at least posting 3-4 times a week.


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