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Green Door

So, in case you didn't know I really like wearing white tops, like almost everyday. Here is another really pretty white top that has been great throughout these last few warmer fall days. I also am obsessed with these jeans because they are flattering and comfortable. I found this beautiful green door in the great wall while looking for photo spots and I fell in love!

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Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

I recently have been trying to go gluten free because of some health reasons and have been struggling to find things to eat. Tonight for dinner I tried out gluten free ziti noodles which weren't bad at all, they just fell apart really easily. I used the exact same mac and cheese recipe as I would use with regular noodles so you could make it that way also!
To make this all you will need: gluten free ziti pasta, Colby jack cheese, white extra sharp cheddar cheese, 1 egg, ½ cup 2% milk, sea salt and pepper
I start by cooking the 1 ½ cups of ziti pasta to where it’s kind of chewy, around 5 minutes before you would usually strain. While the pasta is cooking I cut 2/3 inch slices of both cheeses and cube them and set them aside. Next put one egg in a square pyrex dish, or whatever you plan to cook your mac and cheese in, I find that the typical square pyrex dish works pretty well, then whip up the egg thoroughly. When the pasta is ready add it to the dish then mix in the cheese and ½ …

Navy + Stripes

These last few weeks it has been warm and cold practically everyday. I have either wearing pants with a short sleeve top or I occasionally wear a long sleeve top with shorts to try to balance the temperature. So here is an outfit that I have been loving for this crazy weather to school or just on the weekends!
School has already been pretty crazy! I always heard that your senior year was easy...I would have to completely disagree! This may be because I am taking 2 AP classes and 3 Gemini (college) classes. These last couple of weeks I have had as much homework as I did in the middle of the year when I was a junior, which is known to be the hardest year. Also I am very stressed out about college applications, where I should go, money, etc.
This stress from school along with working has definitely affected my ability to post 4-5 days a week, however I am trying to get into a better groove of at least posting 3-4 times a week.

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Fall Transitional Re-Ware

Today's outfit has basically already appeared on my blog. As I was having outfit photos taken I was wearing this outfit only to later realize I had already worn this shirt and very similar jeans (they're almost identical but in person different). This outfit is perfect for New York fall days where it's cooler in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. I love this lace-up shirt because it is so much cuter than just a white t-shirt.

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Warmer Fall Days

Today's post is a great outfit for days were it's a little bit warmer this fall, which have been most lately. I visited the most beautiful gardens over the weekend and wanted to share that and the outfit I wore there.

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Transitioning to Fall

In New York the weather is so different this time of year, so today's outfit is one of my go to transitional outfits for fall. 

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My First Day of School Outfit

Over the past week I started my first last day of school, as this year I am a senior. This is so surreal to me, as it feels like last month I was starting my freshman year of high school. Here is my first day of school outfit (sorry it was only 7 am so the lighting wasn't great!)

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Pizza Bread Sticks Recipe

Today I am sharing a super easy dinner recipe for pizza bread sticks! They are a quick delicious dinner that only requires a few ingredients.
What You'll Need:  sharp cheddar grated cheese, mozzarella grated cheese, Parmesan cheese crescent rolls pizza sauce (all I had was tomato sauce which was okay to bake but not a good dipping sauce) wax paper baking sheet
Begin by laying out crescent dough on wax paper, then spread a relatively thin layer of pizza sauce, then add whatever cheeses you are using, the 3 types that I used were a delicious combination! Then roll them up and follow the baking directions on the crescent roll package.
They were SO yummy!!