Productivity Tips for Back to School

Today's post is going to be all about tips to help you be more productive while summer is wrapping and school is beginning!

#1 Wake up early - If you start your day at an earlier time you will have more to get things done and if you start doing things earlier, when your most productive you can accomplish more.
#2 Exercise - This gives you something to check off that days to do list and can also help you focus.
#3 Plan Out Your Day - Create a list of all the things you need to complete that day, even the simplest tasks, accomplishing things will motivate you to want to accomplish even more. Using a planner will also help you know exactly what you have going on that day and the next few days so that you can plan out your daily tasks accordingly!
#4 A Clean Space - Whenever my room is picked up, organized and clean I am able to accomplish so much more. Right now my bedroom is picked up and I am not distracted and focused on writing this post!
#5 - Eating healthy nutritious foods will give you more energy and the ability to be focused on tasks that you need to complete.
#6 Set Goals - Creating a list of things you accomplish over a period of time and breaking them down into steps to complete this goal will help you achieve it.
#7 - I read this quote on Instagram the other day "One year from now, you'll wish you started today." This quote really helped me realize that it is pointless to continue to push things like starting to eat healthy, starting to workout on a schedule, out of the way because when you look back at all the opportunities you had to start you will regret not starting sooner and in my life I want to accumulate as few regrets as possible.


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