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Locker Emergency Kit | Essentials

In my locker I like to keep a little emergency kit with anything I could need during the day at school, so today I am sharing everything in my kit and a few other things that I keep in my locker!
Locker Emergency Kits Supplies:
-phone charger
-2 packages of tissues
-tooth brush + tooth paste
-lint roller
 -lip balm
-hair ties
-head phones
-hand sanitizer

Productivity Tips for Back to School

Today's post is going to be all about tips to help you be more productive while summer is wrapping and school is beginning!
#1 Wake up early - If you start your day at an earlier time you will have more to get things done and if you start doing things earlier, when your most productive you can accomplish more. #2 Exercise - This gives you something to check off that days to do list and can also help you focus. #3 Plan Out Your Day - Create a list of all the things you need to complete that day, even the simplest tasks, accomplishing things will motivate you to want to accomplish even more. Using a planner will also help you know exactly what you have going on that day and the next few days so that you can plan out your daily tasks accordingly! #4 A Clean Space - Whenever my room is picked up, organized and clean I am able to accomplish so much more. Right now my bedroom is picked up and I am not distracted and focused on writing this post! #5 - Eating healthy nutritious foods wil…

School Supplies Essentials

Today I am sharing all of my school supplies essentials, I recently did my school supply shopping and these are things I picked up and were all must haves from last year as well! Paper Mate Flair Pens Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils (I also usually pick up a pack of extra lead for these pencils so that they will last you for most of the school year) Mead Five Star Plastic 2 Pocket Folder Mead Five Star 5 Subject Notebook Sharpie Liquid Highlighters Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda (my pattern is Southern Charm and a post about how I organize my planner will be coming in September) Black Pencil Pouch (Target cosmetic bag is the perfect size pencil pouch and has a nice classic design, I purchased plain black from a Target store, it is not sold online) White Out Tape Mead Five Star Reinforced Loose Leaf Paper Pilot G2 Black Pens Extra Fine Point Twistable Colored Pencils

Niagara Falls

This past week I went on a day trip to Niagara Falls, it was stunning!! I had so much fun taking a ride on the Maid of the Mist, I was very thankful for my poncho because I got soaked!
Outfit Details: dress(ON SALE!!) | Birks | bralette

Peach Shortcake

One of my favorite summer deserts has always been peach shortcakes! So, today I am sharing the recipe I use for this delicious treat, you can find this recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book.
1/4 cup sugar 2 cups flour 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 cup butter  1 egg beaten 2/3 cup milk Combine dry ingredients, then add wet ingredients. Bake at 425 for 15-18 minutes. Stir sliced beaches and 1/4 cup of sugar.

My Comfy Summer Outfit

This outfit is not one I would wear out for dinner or to look super cute, however this is what I have been wearing to be comfortable these last few weeks while I rest up and prepare to return to school.

similar t-shirt | norts | chacos

Lace Up

Today I am sharing my favorite new top!! I picked it up from Hollister about two weeks ago and am totally in love! I have been living for flowy tops lately because they look cute and are SO much more comfortable than a more structured top.

topjeans | sandals (I just bought these from the mall two weeks ago and I cannot find them!!)

Hay Fields

When I was planning outfit posts for this week I began thinking about what I haven't really posted, and realized I haven't really styled a lot of shorts and decided to post a casual jean shorts outfit. This aerie tee is so comfy I love it! I also love that this tee will go perfectly with some black leggings this fall for another comfy outfit. If you cannot tell I am obsessed with this necklace! It is so cute and goes with my extremely neutral wardrobe perfectly! 

outfit details: similar tee jean shorts birkenstocks necklace bralette

Sundae Bar

This weekend for a treat I created a little sundae bar for some friends as an afternoon treat! It turned out really cute and was delicious! This was super fun and easy to prepare for, the most time consuming part was baking the brownies.
This project is so customizable you could add even more toppings or less, it's so easy! 

This my sundae, it was fun to make and so yummy!! 

A Comfy Outfit

Today I am sharing an outfit that is something I truly wear all the time. This comfortable outfit has been my go to these past few summer evenings for running numerous errands and just hanging out.

t-shirt, necklace, leggings, birks

My Road Trip Packing List

I recently went on a road trip to the 1000 Islands, you can read more about my trip here, packing for trips, especially this one, is always sort of last minute for I started thinking and decided to make a go to packing list for myself that I could easily use to pack for any over night after creating this list I decided to share it here on my blog. So, here is my packing list for overnight road trips in the summer!

July 2016 Favorites

Towards the end of June I finally purchased my first pair of chacos ever and have since fallen in love! They are so comfortable and great for running errands, camping and going to the lake. Also throughout the month I have become obsessed with my roller lash mascara by Benefit it works SO well. This summer has been so hot sobaseball hatshave been so handy to keep the sun off my face and out of my eyes, they also work great for covering up a bad hair day. My favorite snack has by far been gala apples with peter pan peanut butter, it's delicious and pretty healthy too. Fresh flowers have truly been helping me have a better day, just picking up myself some fresh flowers from the grocery store can really brighten my day!