My Summer Goals

In the summer I try to do kind of resolutions, similar to New Years. I like to set goals for myself to accomplish throughout the summer break from school. This summer my resolutions include the following:
one - stop eating meat, for health and ethical reasons this summer I have decided to go without meat,
two - exercise 3-5 days a week during the summer months I have much less going on so there should be even less of an excuse for me to not work out
three - start to mediate I would like to start doing this for stress management purposes, to help me stay relaxed
four - take vitamins daily this isn't just for summer I just want to start doing this in general and make more of an effort to not forget to take them
five - pray daily I usually do pray everyday but I want to make more of an effort to pray more thoughtfully
six - eat healthy food.
seven - save money
eight - blog 4-5 times a week
nine - upload on Instagram daily
ten - go on adventures!


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