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My Vitamin Routine

Today I am sharing my vitamin routine These are the vitamins I take everyday to help my health, both physically and mentally. I take these vitamins as a healthy and safe way to increase my immune system, mood and energy levels! Immune Support St. John's Wort (promotes a positive mood) B12


As I said in my June favorites t-shirt dresses have been my favorite thing to wear this summer they are so easy to dress up or dress down and are incredibly comfortable. This dress is in a great color and is just perfect. Also, the crossbody that I am carrying I bought this winter and it is now on sale! It is incredible, it has so much storage, you can fit 18 cards, it's perfect!

similar sleeveless dress / dress / crossbody/ these shoes were from last year but here is another really cute pair of black wedges

How I Plan My Blog

Today I am sharing how I organize my blog plans. I use Google Drive because I love to be able to access this from my laptop, phone and iPad it's very handy. When I am working on a post I usually put a link to the Google Docs document where I type out all of the planning I do for the post. Once a post is published I highlight it that way I know that I am all set! Also one the post is published I put the link of the post into the google sheets.

I also like to use the app Later, previously known as Latergram to schedule all of my Instagram posts because it sets reminders to post and makes it super easy to post it to Instagram!
To keep track of all of my blog post ideas for future post I use Microsoft One Note. I created one notebook and then have different pages with different sections of ideas.

1000 Islands Trip

Over this past weekend I visited the 1000 Islands with my family. Here I had my family had out first camping experience staying in a cottage. It turned out much better than expected and was pretty much a small house, with a gorgeous view!! Today I'm sharing lovely photos of the view, the cottage we stayed in and one of my camping outfits!

The restaurant we went to was Ryan's Lookout, here I ordered sea bisque soup and a crab cake.

 our view outside of the cottage
 one of two bedrooms in the cottage
 our little living room

our little kitchen
cute little dining area, I loved all of the windows  beautiful view driving off the island on our way home
also leaving the island we saw this really pretty old fire place

camping outfit: similar shorts, top, chacos

The Easiest Strawberry Lemonade

Today I'm sharing the easiest strawberry lemonade "recipe"! This is one of my favorite drinks for the summer. I love to make it and take it out to the pool to enjoy while relaxing.

All you have to do is make a glass of regular lemonade, I usually use country time lemonade because it's delicious, but I make it extra strong. Then instead of ice cubes I use frozen strawberries and let them sit for a little while and it's so good!

My Hair Care Rotuine

1 - Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner
I don't color my hair at all, however this shampoo and conditioner is the most moisturizing product I have used! It is the only thing that really keeps my hair from being a tangled mess!

2 - Tresemme Dry Shampoo
I don't wash my hair everyday, I wash it either every other day or every 3 days. I have found that my hair looks and feels so much healthier if I don't wash it everyday. Ocasionally my hair is a little greasy and I like to spray in a little dry shampoo and I have been loving this one for like the past two years.

3 - Tresemme Hair Spray
Whenever I do curl my hair this is my go to hair spray!

4 - Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum
When I use heat on my hair I love to use this to kind of smooth it out, perfect for before blow drying or straightening.

My Summer Goals

In the summer I try to do kind of resolutions, similar to New Years. I like to set goals for myself to accomplish throughout the summer break from school. This summer my resolutions include the following: one - stop eating meat, for health and ethical reasons this summer I have decided to go without meat,
two - exercise 3-5 days a week during the summer months I have much less going on so there should be even less of an excuse for me to not work out
three - start to mediate I would like to start doing this for stress management purposes, to help me stay relaxed
four - take vitamins daily this isn't just for summer I just want to start doing this in general and make more of an effort to not forget to take them
five - pray daily I usually do pray everyday but I want to make more of an effort to pray more thoughtfully
six - eat healthy food.
seven - save money
eight - blog 4-5 times a week
nine - upload on Instagram daily
ten - go on adventures!

DIY Ice Vanilla Coffee

This summer I am really trying to save money! On Monday I will be talking more about this in my Summer Goals post. So, I decided one way to save money is for me to make my coffee at home, instead of getting it at Starbucks, while I occasionally still enjoy this treat, I love my new at home vanilla coffee. My go to "caffeine drink" at Starbucks is "a venti iced vanilla nonfat late." This is pretty similar and almost tastes better! However I do not "froth" any milk for this drink, it's coffee.

Ingredients: french vanilla k-cups, all natural vanilla creamer, skim milk, ice
I like to make my coffee the night before and then put it in the fridge, this definitely is the best route!


Today's outfit is one of my favorite for summer because it's a dress!! In the summer and pretty much all year long I absolutely love dresses they are pretty easy to make an outfit, and so fun to accessorize. This white dress also has a really cute tassels along the bottom. Also just realized these sandals have been on the blog twice this week, can you tell I love them?! They are so cute and actually very comfortable and they go with everything!

dress / similar shoes / similar necklace

My Favorite Magazine Subscriptions

Today I'm sharing my two favorite magazines that I personally subscribe to because of their quality content. Real Simple inspires me every month with different organization, decoration and life advice. The magazine has a beautiful design as well!

Better Homes and Gardens has been probably my longest subscription, I have been subscribing for years! I love their amazing home tips and project ideas that are always correlated to the season perfectly.

sunglasses / bathing suit