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Wedding Outfit

In June I went to Illinois for my cousins wedding! It was so beautiful and the location of the reception was so beautiful and a beautiful nature scene.

My beautiful cousin Hannah's wedding!!
outfit details - J Crew Dress, shoes were from last year so, I couldn't find them

Doggy Essentials

I have an adorable male chocolate lab, who's name is Sampson and he is a little over eight years old. So, today I decided to share some of his favorite things, and the items that I think make taking care of him easier! His favorite toys, aka the ones he hasn't ripped up or hidden outside, are this hedgehog toy and this octopus toy. His favorite treats that don't make him sick and are good for his breath are these medium milk bones which I usually buy a 10 lb. box of. My favorite leach to walk him on is this black leather leash which is also stylish! While on walks with Sam I like to bring along a dog water bottle so that he doesn't get dehydrated. Also for walks he wears this black step-in harness, which works perfectly because he cannot escape, and he is such a little contortionist!

Girls Night Snack Inspiration

Here is some snack inspiration from a girls night, these are my friends and I's favorites to pick up when we are just hanging out and watching a movie!
Peaches, Cannoli Platter, Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refreshers
Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries
Apples, Peanut Butter, Carrots 
Cheese and Crackers (Colby Jack, Extra Sharp Cheddar), Triscuits, Ritz Crackers

NYC Outfit

I visited NYC for the day with some friends! I had so much fun, from visiting the statue of liberty to seeing the musical Matilda on Broadway.
 NYC with my best friends!!
 The Statue of Liberty while on the ferry

 Walking down from the Statue of Liberty look out
Rockefeller Center (middle of the night and I look kind of dead..)
Outfit Details - Francesca's Dress, Michael Kors Crossbody Purse, TJMaxx Statement Necklace, Birkenstocks