My Sunday Night Routine

Sunday nights have always been the calm before the storm for my week. It is my time to prepare myself for the week. So today I decided to share what I do on Sunday nights to help me have a successful week.

3pm - laundry so I can have clean clothes for the week

3:30 - start homework and other things I need done for the week

4 - pick up my bedroom

4:30 - pick out outfits for the week

5 - straighten my hair for tomorrow

5:30 - pack tomorrow's lunch and I also like to get other food ready for the rest of my lunches that week and I think about what I'm going to make for breakfast tomorrow

5:45 - start homework due this week

7 - pack backpack

7 - work on this week's blog posts (aka what I'm doing right now)

8 - get ready for bed
     brush teeth
     wash face
     put on pajamas
     watch a show

9 - go to bed

Hope this helps you have a productive Sunday!


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