Closet Tour

Here is an overview of my closet.. on the right door I have a command hook with my Vera leather wallet crossbody which you can find here.
In the top of my closet I have two shelves which have bins of all kinds of random things...the pink bins are from Target.

On the right side I have a command hooks to keep all of my big sweaters that are impossible to hang.

I have a hook on the inside of my closet on the left to hold my belts.

I organize my clothes from jackets to vests to sweaters to collared shirts to long sleeves to short sleeves to no sleeves to pants + skirts to long sleeve dress to short sleeve dresses to no sleeve dresses to maxi dresses and maxi skirts.

I use all of the same colored velvet hangers, this makes my closet look much more organized with them all the same, I got these from HomeGoods.

 I got these shelves from amazon (you can find them here). I use them to store all of my scarves, my sneakers, my files and some other random things.

All of my really tall boots stay in the bottom of my closet, because they don't fit in my shoe shelves.

I keep my Kate Spade bag in it's dust bag on top of my shelves.

I got this adorable laundry basket from Target, you can find it here.

In a corner of my bedroom I have this book shelf that I use to store all of my other shoes, which I think is also a nice way to kind of display them. I actually went to Lowes and got two more shelves and had my dad cut them and I added them so I could store more shoes, and the shelves were identical to these. You can find the shelves here.


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