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My 10 Road Trip Essentials

Here are my top 10 road trip essentials! I recently went on a trip to Boston, MA and these were the things I haf right up front with me!

1. Kindle
I love to download episodes of my favorite tv shows on my Kindle to take on trips, so I don't have to worry about using all of my data.  For this trip I have downloaded a couple episodes of Fixer Upper.

2. Tissues
I have been sick so tissues are always important to have on hand.

3. Wet Wipes
They are SO handy! I have needed these so many times on trips, especially if I am eating in the car.

4. Ear Buds
So no one else has to listen to my music or tv episodes. It is the WORST to forget these!

5. Car Chargers
I always end up needing to charge my phone on trips.

6. Sunglasses
The worst thing to me is having to squint an entire car ride because I forgot my sunglasses.

7. Blanket
I insist on being cozy, especially on long car rides.

8. Comfy Outfit and Shoes
Being able to nap on car rides is great, unless you are wearing uncomfortable clothing. I think it's also important to wear comfortable shoes so that, if you're like me you can easily take them off and take a nap.

9. Snacks
I always get really hungry on car rides, so I love to bring along a cliff bar, some veggie straws and smart water.

10. Large Purse
I like to have a bag with my car essentials in it up front with me. I will be bringing my Kate Spade bag.


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