DIY Valentines Day Tassel Garland

To complete this project you will need the following supplies:
Red tissue paper
White tissue paper

Take a piece of tissue paper and fold it in half so that the fold is the long side. Now fold in half the other way. You will be making two tassels per sheet. Begin cutting even strips (about ½ an inch thick) ending 2 inches away from the top (folded). Cut on the shorter folder line created two tassels. Now role the middle and then fold in half, next take and roll the folded end to look like the above photo. Tie ribbon around the top of the tassel. Tie a piece of ribbon around the top of each tassel. Now tie all of the ribbons together creating garland. Next I trimmed the ribbon ties. Now hand the garland, I used tape!

Hope you enjoyed this easy Valentine’s Day DIY decoration!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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