5 Ways to Have a Better Day!

#1 Be Positive
Try to be as positive as possible. The more positive your attitude is, the better you will feel.

#2 Do the things you love
I know you can’t always be doing what you want, I got to school every day and trust me I do not want to be there! So, when I get home I love to work on blog posts and catch up on some tv shows.

#3 Something Yummy
Pick up or make yourself a yummy treat. When I’m feeling down I love to pick up a strawberry refresher at Starbucks after school and maybe grab some mac and cheese at Panera if I'm feeling extra treatable, it may delicious, but it is for sure not too healthy.

#4 Yoga
Yoga makes me feel so much better when I am stressed. It makes me feel very relaxed and makes handling stress much easier.

#5 Treat yourself
Something I love to do when I’m not having the best day, or the best week, is to do a little shopping, whether it’s going out and actually shopping or online shopping it really can make me feel happier.


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