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Two of my Favorite Breakfasts!

Here are my two favorite breakfasts and how I make them.

The first is a smoothie bowl. I LOVE these so much. I forgot to get out granola so that is not pictured.
I take all of these ingredients besides the fresh fruit and granola and blend them.
After it is thoroughly blended I pour it in a bowl and it top it with fresh berries and my favorite Nature's Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Granola.

My other favorite breakfast is a fruit salad, I love to take some of my favorite fruits and make enough for about 2 portions.
I use grapes, raspberries, I cut up strawberries, blackberries and already vut up pineapple.

 At some point I guess I decided to add mandarin oranges...

It was delicious!!!!

Comfortable Traveling Outfit

This is my ideal traveling outfit. I wore this during my 5.5 hour drive to Boston this past weekend and I was the perfect temperature and very comfortable. My sweatshirt is from Nike, my leggings are from Champion, my sunglasses are from Target and I'm wearing my classic Uggs in grey. I stayed in a hotel in Westfield after driving over halfway, the photo of this beautiful clock was taken there.

My 10 Road Trip Essentials

Here are my top 10 road trip essentials! I recently went on a trip to Boston, MA and these were the things I haf right up front with me!

1. Kindle
I love to download episodes of my favorite tv shows on my Kindle to take on trips, so I don't have to worry about using all of my data.  For this trip I have downloaded a couple episodes of Fixer Upper.

2. Tissues
I have been sick so tissues are always important to have on hand.

3. Wet Wipes
They are SO handy! I have needed these so many times on trips, especially if I am eating in the car.

4. Ear Buds
So no one else has to listen to my music or tv episodes. It is the WORST to forget these!

5. Car Chargers
I always end up needing to charge my phone on trips.

6. Sunglasses
The worst thing to me is having to squint an entire car ride because I forgot my sunglasses.

7. Blanket
I insist on being cozy, especially on long car rides.

8. Comfy Outfit and Shoes
Being able to nap on car rides is great, unless you are wearing uncomfortable clothi…

5 Ways to Have a Better Day!

#1 Be Positive Try to be as positive as possible. The more positive your attitude is, the better you will feel.
#2 Do the things you love I know you can’t always be doing what you want, I got to school every day and trust me I do not want to be there! So, when I get home I love to work on blog posts and catch up on some tv shows.
#3 Something Yummy Pick up or make yourself a yummy treat. When I’m feeling down I love to pick up a strawberry refresher at Starbucks after school and maybe grab some mac and cheese at Panera if I'm feeling extra treatable, it may delicious, but it is for sure not too healthy.
#4 Yoga Yoga makes me feel so much better when I am stressed. It makes me feel very relaxed and makes handling stress much easier.
#5 Treat yourself Something I love to do when I’m not having the best day, or the best week, is to do a little shopping, whether it’s going out and actually shopping or online shopping it really can make me feel happier.

DIY Valentines Day Tassel Garland

To complete this project you will need the following supplies: Scissors Red tissue paper White tissue paper Ribbon
Take a piece of tissue paper and fold it in half so that the fold is the long side. Now fold in half the other way. You will be making two tassels per sheet. Begin cutting even strips (about ½ an inch thick) ending 2 inches away from the top (folded). Cut on the shorter folder line created two tassels. Now role the middle and then fold in half, next take and roll the folded end to look like the above photo. Tie ribbon around the top of the tassel. Tie a piece of ribbon around the top of each tassel. Now tie all of the ribbons together creating garland. Next I trimmed the ribbon ties. Now hand the garland, I used tape!
Hope you enjoyed this easy Valentine’s Day DIY decoration!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

How to be a Morning Person

In the spirit of the New Year I decided to gather ways to become a morning person so here are 5 tips that I have been trying to help me become a morning person in 2016!!

1. You really have to go to bed early...there is no way to be a night owl and a morning person.  If I have to leave my house at 7:30 (and like to have 1.5 hours to get ready for my day) then I go to be at 8:45 so I can relax and hopefully fall asleep around 9, that way I get about 9 hours of sleep.
2. Drink cold water when you first wake up, this will help you to feel more awake and drinking water has SO many benefits such as it is good for your skin and it helps you eat the right amount of food because you feel full when you are actually full's a great way to jump start your morning!
3. Get moving quickly, leave your alarm away from your bed, this way you have to get out of bed to shut it off!  If you use your phone as your alarm this will also help you to not be playing on your phone at night when you…