A New Year, A Better Me

This post is going to be all about my 2016 goals, and yes I have realized that I am at least 4 days late to the game, but better late than never!  This year I am going to try to really focus on making myself a better person, I have been so inspired lately by different people that I have met or whose blog posts I have read or videos I have watched and I just really want to use that inspiration and have an amazing year.

1. Be positive.
So my first goal is to be positive, I genuinely struggle with staying positive and not complaining about everything.  So this year I am going to start being a more optimistic person.  How am I going to do this?  Well, I will try to remember all of the things that I am grateful for and I will also try to be more thankful for all of the wondering people, opportunities and other things in my life.  Also, when I start to begin thinking negatively I am really going to try to stop myself from thinking that way.

2. Eat healthier.
I always stray from eating healthy because I remember how great foods that are bad for me taste.  Lately I have been feeling gross; not eating well at all has seriously started to affect me in so many ways than I previously thought that it could.  I have had such a lack of energy lately and just not felt good.  So what will I do to eat healthy?  First, I will remember all of the benefits there are to eating healthy.  Such as, being a healthy weight, feeling better, having more energy and not being bloated.  Also, to do this I am going to make sure I pack my lunch every day because when I am at school I will only eat what it's in my lunch for snacks and my lunch period because it is also a lot easier.  Another thing I am going to do to help me eat healthier is to plan what I am going to eat for breakfast, when I wake up I am usually hungry and running late so I tend to grab whatever I can find quickly.  So, if I plan what I am going to eat and make sure that I have healthy breakfast food to eat I won’t eat food that is bad for me.

3. Get in shape.
My goal is to workout 3 days a week at least, I am not in shape at all and would really like to be more toned so I can be more confident.  When I do workout it also makes me feel so much better afterwards, I feel accomplished because I have completed a big goal of the day and I feel more productive.

4. Clear up my skin.
I have been struggling on and off with my skin for years.  I use proactiv + now and I love it and at the beginning of summer my skin was doing so well and now it keeps changing and I just want to get clear under control skin.  To do this I will continue using my proactiv + and I will also being going to my dermatologist to get more help with my skin.  I really want to clear my skin by making sure I wash my face every single morning and night.  I need to drink lots of water because it is so beneficial to your skin.  I also do not want to wear makeup every day, days that I don't really need to wear makeup I don't want to.

5. Do 2 blog posts every week.
I really want to dive into blogging this year.  I love it so much but I never have been able to prioritize it, this year I am going to make sure to post 2 posts every week and put aside time so that I can post twice a week.

6. Drink 9 cups of water every day.
So I looked into how much water I should be drinking everyday and apparently the answer to that is about 9 cups.  There are so many benefits to drinking water every day, as I said above it's great for your skin and it flushes your body in so many ways...  Also I have realized I drink so much more water when I am drinking it from one of my camelbak water bottles, I love drinking from them and will be trying to refill one throughout the day as much as possible.    So, this year I would really like to make drinking 9 cups of water everyday into a habit.

7. Use my time wisely.
I really want to be a more productive person.  I want to manage my time more wisely so that I can get things done without being stressed and have time to accomplish more.

8. Pray everyday
This year I just want to take the time to pray every day it makes me feel so much better and complete.

HAPPY 2016!!!


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