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What I got for Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas!!!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and pray you spent it with those who matter the most.

A photo of my little sister Tori and I, in our new pajamas that we got for Christmas Eve, this was right before we went into the living room to open our presents!
Please excuse me and my lack of eyelashes...unless I wear mascara my blonde eyelashes make it look like I have none!

This year for Christmas I was so blessed and received many gifts from my parents!  Thank you so much Mom and Dad.  Here is what I got I love these kind of posts, it's just fun seeing what everyone got!

 Bath & Body Works candles are my favorite!!  These smell amazing and I cannot wait to burn them

 My family know that I love my coffee and tea and that I love Starbucks!!  This reindeer mug from HomeGoods is so cute and I gad been eyeing the emerald mug for SO long!!

My Mom got me a quarter zip at the college where she is an alumni and I also got this really cozy cream cardigan from Target!

I got one of the big lounge shirts from Pink that says PINK in big letters on the back and 3 pairs of leggings because they're my favorite pants.

 Also from Pink I got these really comfy bras, so cute!

 My little sister got me this perfect blanket scarf from Old Navy, the scarf is reversible too!  She knows exactly what I like!!

Something that was straight out of my "what I want for Christmas" pot is this amazing LLBean's navy with my gold monogram and it zips = perfection!

 I got lots of socks which I LOVE!  All but the Columbia socks are from Old Navy!

 I got my license on December 23rd (great Christmas present !!) so my Dad got me this ice scraper lol, I also got a gas gift card because I will be driving now and I got a Target gift card, TJMaxx/HomeGoods gift card and I got a master card gift card to use anywhere!!  So excited to go shopping - and driving!!

Another gift I received were these two Serta pillows - they are so great. 

 My Mom found these perfect sheets at HomeGoods which match my grey and white room theme perfectly!!!

 This North Face jacket is so perfect!! I have been wanting it for two years now and was SO excited to get it for Christmas...I really want Winter to actually come so I can wear it!!  This was something that I asked for in my Christmas Wishlist too!


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