my blogging journey - one year

Today marks one year since I started my has grown SO much, I went from maybe 3 view a post to now around 40-60, it has been an amazing process and I hope to grow my blog more and more!  When I first started I just posted whenever I felt like it, and it was never consistent, I am happy to say that now I post (pretty much) every Wednesday and Sunday!  In one year my blog has been able to share so many amazing things in my life and it has brought me so much joy being able to share these things with others - this is my creative outlet and I absolutely adore it!  Also this summer I started an Instagram for my blog - so make sure to follow that - @elegantlyelleb - there I post lots of random things and by following it you will never miss a blog post as I always post when I do a blog post on here!  It's really fun - right now I'm trying to figure out a new theme was blue which was working out great, but now I feel like changing it to something...maybe something like green...we will see!

To wrap this long rant up I will say that blogging this past year has really meant SO much to me and I can't wait to start the second year off great!  Also, hope this long rant wasn't too annoying!




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