my backpack and accessories

So I recently got my backpack for this year and some things that kind
of go with it and wanted to share!

My back is a North Face Borealis Classic which they actually don't make anymore so I ended up ordering it from Italy because I don't really like the new style that came out which is all that North Face is selling.  I love these backpacks I previously had the North Face Jester backpack and loved it, I washed it several times and it was so durable!

I got this Vera Bradley lanyard in Sierra for my keys, this way I can hopefully find them easier!

For my lunch bag I got the Vera Bradley Lighten Up Lunch Cooler in Sierra
It is such a perfect size and is a plastic inside so you can easily wipe it clean!

The Borealis backpack has this perfect pocket for my phone and wallet!
I got the Vera Bradley Zip ID case in Sierra to keep some money and my license in.


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