Spain Day 3


you'll probably notice I actually wear my Birks like everyday here because we have been walking 11 miles a day!
shorts - boyfriend short from Target
top - also from Target

today for my hair I did this really cool twist thing and I LOVED it, except when it took it out my hair was so tangled that a ton of it fell out!

Beautiful view from the court yard at the royal palace!

The view of the palace walking up, it was so incredible!

The royal families current portrait!  The man all the way to the right is the current monarchy!

HUGE chandeliers 

seating for like 50 people

Then we traveled to the city of San Lorenzo and went throught
"El Escorial Monastery."  This is where all of the monarchies of Spain were buried! 

These are the beautiful gardens outside.

Then we visited another cathedral, they are all so unique but
similar at the same time it is very interesting...

the ceilings, to me, were the most interesting part of the cathedrals

the doors were also amazing, it's crazy how so many little details went into creating this place

the symbol of Madrid

walking through this really cool street

my dinner...
 it was basically chicken broth with spaghetti noodles and mint
leaves on top, which was kind of weird, lol

Walking through this square while shopping I saw these two guys
doing this amazing balancing!


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